There was a time when people used to believe that baby teeth don’t matter because they are going to fall out anyway. Are you still one of those who thinks baby teeth are just there to fall out one day?

According to the experts of a reputed kid’s dental clinic, neglecting the baby teeth can cause a lifetime of trouble. While you can’t wait for your baby to pop out his/her first tooth, did you know your baby’s primary teeth start forming even before the birth?

The best dentist in Kolkata believes that little baby teeth play a big role in your child’s overall dental health. Toddlers can be tricky at times, especially when you try to take the best care of them. They make the task very challenging by throwing ‘tantrums’. More often, you might end up skipping the process of brushing your baby’s teeth. Why so? Because your baby just freaked out at the sight of the toothbrush! No matter how long it took you to find out the most adorable brush available on the planet.

The Need for Brushing Your Toddler’s Teeth- 

All your baby consumes in a day is milk. He/ she has not still been introduced to raw foods. So, you might think it’s OKAY to skip your baby’s brushing ritual once in a while. After all, the baby teeth are not here to stay. But it’s NOT okay! Start cleaning your baby’s teeth from the age of 6 months.

 Know the Right Process- 

According to the best dental clinic in Kolkata, encourage your toddler to spit out his/ her toothpaste right after brushing. Clean all the surfaces of the gums and teeth twice a day- after breakfast and before bedtime.

But When You Have Made The Damage-

Maybe you are a beginner as a parent and you messed things up. You can’t just pull out all your baby’s decayed teeth and swear to do better when the permanent teeth appear. Pulling out decayed baby teeth can cause additional problems because these are the placeholders for the adult teeth.

According to the best kid’s dental clinic, your toddler’s baby teeth stay in place until their permanent counterparts push them out. In fact, if your child loses a baby tooth too early, from any injury or tooth decay, surrounding teeth might drift into the space to fill the void. This is not a good thing as it causes crooked teeth which are permanent.

Your child might find losing teeth to be a strange thing and it will be pretty hard to keep them wiggling at the loosened tooth with their fingers or tongue. Set an appointment with the best dentist in Kolkata and learn the proper ways to deal with your child’s loose tooth. The expert might recommend having it extracted in the clinic or waiting longer.