Your teeth do a lot for you than you give them credit for. Imagine having a crooked front tooth, picture how creepy your smile will look; or imagine having constant bad breath, what impact that will make on the people around you! Do you see the point? Your teeth deserve good handling and proper health. But, due to changing lifestyles, age factorsand misadventures, there are many diseases that can affect your teeth. Tooth decay, several gum diseases, tooth discoloration, uneven teeth, tooth cavity and infection, etc. are some of them.

The best dental clinic in Kolkata offers modern dental procedures to treat these disorders.These dental treatment techniques solve tooth-related problems very quickly and painlessly. Hence, a person must undergo these procedures as immediately as possible to correct the condition at an initial stage. Here aresome of the most common procedures.

Cleaning and Scaling

Small particles, acids and sugar remain on your teeth even after brushing and flossing. They are most likelyto form a sticky film or plaque on your teeth that can cause huge damage if not taken care of properly. Regular cleaning and scaling help remove this waste and also prevent further serious problems. The dentist cleans and polishes your teeth with the aid of a rotating tool and medical paste.

Dental Sealants

If you want to take precautionary measures for the protection of your teeth, dental fissure sealants are the answer for you. They are applied on the chewing teeth in the form of a liquid solution, which later develops into a durable plastic material. It acts as a shield against the bacteria and acids that are most likely to form plaque on your teeth. Therefore,it is a quick and comfortable method to reduce the risk of tooth decay in the future.

Dental Fillings

Poor dental hygiene and practices cause tooth cavities which later result in tooth decay and bone loss. All of this will end with extracting the tooth eventually. So, if you want to save yourself from such a situation, visit the best dental doctor in Kolkata. He/ She will perform the dental filling procedure which will certainly reverse the tooth decay process.

Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Root Canal Treatment is the only preserving option for an infected pulp.The nerve of the tooth, also called pulp, is a sensitive tissue that provides life to the tooth. The procedure involves removing the damaged nerve and packing the cavitywith a filling material. After this, the tooth is crowned with an artificial surface (silver colour or tooth colour) which protects the tooth’s interior.

Tooth Extraction

The most feared dental procedure will always be the old way of treating any dental problem – extract the entire tooth. As a result, the doctor uses this method as the last resort, only if there is no other possible means of saving the tooth. Tooth removal is generally performed on wisdom tooth or an extensively damaged tooth, which is beyond repair.

If you are suffering from tooth disorders, get consultation from the best dentist in Kolkata. He/ She will safely perform dental procedures to cure your toothache with minimum discomfort.