Ever since the invention of the laser, experts have been using it in various fields. From cutting minerals to military weapon-making, the application of laser seems to know no bound. A dentist can use this new technology in many ways. One of the main applications of laser dentistry is its role in the removal of tooth decay.

The Procedure

You would be amazed to know that this method of tooth cavity removal neither requires drilling machine nor any injection. A jet of water sprays is used to keep the tooth cool. Then a beam of the laser is focused on the cavity affected area. This laser heats up the molecules of water in the teeth causing it to expand and dislodge the decay. The best dentist in Kolkata performs the whole process extremely carefully so as to not harm the healthy tissues of the gum. The next step in to disinfect the area. Finally, the dentist fills the cleaned and disinfected part of the teeth with filling materials.

Advantages of Laser Dentistry for Cavity Removal

Laser dentistry is gaining more and more popularity with passing time. There are many reasons why this method is better and more appealing than the traditional method.

Laser Dentistry is Less Time Consuming

Be it for teeth whitening or removal of decaying tooth, laser dentistry is much less time-consuming. The number of sittings required and the total time per sitting, both is much lesser as compared to the traditional drilling method.

Laser Dentistry is Safer

Statistically speaking, removal of tooth decay through the use of laser is much safer than the traditional method. The damage to the adjoining tissue and pulp is lesser. There is hardly any bleeding; you will not even given local anesthesia.

No More Dentophobia

Dentophobia is the irrational fear of visiting a dental clinic or dentists in general. This fear is highly present among kids. It is a kind of phobia. One of the main triggers for a person or a child suffering from dentophobia is the sound of the drill and the smell of anesthesia. Lucky for them, laser dentistry involves none of it. The best dental doctor in Kolkata is extra careful while performing it on children as they tend to move more.

Early Cavity Detection

Not only is laser treatment good at removing the present tooth decay, but it is also excellent at predicting decay which had just started. This early detection ability proves extremely helpful in the long run. You will know which teeth to be careful with in the future. It will give you an upper hand when it comes to fighting decay and cavity.

Dental treatment with the help of laser is comparatively new and has its array of applications. It is fun and exciting and it is here to stay. Visit the best dental clinic in Kolkata to know more on this subject.