Maintaining good oral hygiene is as important as eating food or drinking water. Preserving good dental health is a pervasive activity. One who has strong teeth takes care of them to get them stronger and one who has unhealthy teeth takes care of them to restore their strength and shape. As hard it may sound to manage your teeth properly, once you get hold of the correct habits, it will only be a piece of cake for you. It will boost your self-confidence and brighten your smile. Here are some great dental hygiene tips shared by the best orthodontist in Kolkata.

Brush twice a day to keep dental problems away

This is the most important and easiest way to protect your teeth from unnecessary dental troubles. It gets rid of the food debris and prevents the development of plaque. Not only the tooth surface but also the gum line should be in contact with the bristles while brushing the teeth. You must brush for at least 5 minutes twice a day, once in the morning and then at night, before going to bed. Don’t just brush to brush but brush to clean!

Avoid sugar intake to prevent ache

Sugar mixes with the saliva in the mouth to form acid which erodes the teeth. This acid is also the cause of bacteria and plaque in the mouth which results in tooth cavity. Once this happens, you will experience chronic pain which will affect your overall health as well.

Floss to avoid tooth loss

Flossing your teeth is as important as brushing it. It helps in getting out the little pieces of food stuck in between your teeth. It also aids in reducing plaque, cleaning gums and fighting bacteria. According to the best dentist in Kolkata, flossing a day is enough to keep your teeth healthy. One can get ready-to-use flossers in medical shops.

Avoid harmful habits to stay tooth-fit

If you want to sport a bright smile every day, you must stay away from cigarettes and other tobacco products. Smoking cigarettes results in bad breath, tooth staining, accumulation of plaque and tartar on the teeth and is the principal cause of gum diseases. You must also restrain from taking excessive soda and alcohol. When the sugar from these drinks come in direct contact with your teeth, they possess the ability to damage the teeth beyond control.

Use toothpaste with fluoride to keep your smile wide

Fluoride helps in preventing tooth decay by fighting germs and shielding your teeth from bacteria. It strengthens the tooth surface by providing a barrier against plaque.

Twice a year, go for a dental clear

Regular dental check-ups are necessary to identify dental problems at an initial stage. If your problem gets diagnosed in the first step, it will help you receive effective orthodontic treatment in Kolkata. For instance, dental cavities only require fillings primarily but if neglected for too long, they may result in an infected pulp which in turn will require root canal treatment. Thus, it is only sensible to go for routine examinations to keep a healthy set of teeth throughout your life.