Just like everything else, there are myths on dental braces too. Some of the most common myths are so rooted in people’s minds since ancient times, and others, well, nobody knows where they came from. To help burst out all the myths, we have packed this blog with some braces facts too!

Myth 1 – Dental Braces Will Be Detected

Fact: This is one of the most common braces myths around, and almost every patient who visits the clinic of the best orthodontist in Kolkata asks will the metal detector at the airport or shopping mall detect my metal braces?

Though braces are made of metal, the detector will not catch them as they are very much lightweight. The security metal detector usually looks for another metal type, and the sensor has to reach a certain threshold before working. Otherwise, they will beep for every little thing like your zips and pins. So, if you are planning a trip, don’t worry at least about your braces.

Myth 2 – When You Are Around A Huge Magnet, Your Braces Will Stick To It

Fact: What kinds of concepts are these, and where do they come from? The materials used to make the metal braces are not at all magnetic. If you have doubt, try sticking a fridge magnet to your braces, and it won’t get stuck.

Myth 3 – Getting An MRI Is Not Possible When You have Dental Braces

Fact – Just like the ones mentioned above, this one doesn’t hold any truth as well. Make sure you choose the best dentist in Kolkata, and the expert will use a strong adhesive to stick your braces to your teeth so that they won’t fly off in any situation, especially when you are undergoing an MRI. The only issue is that sometimes your braces’ metal might distort the image when your face, brain, or anything above the neck is scanned. However, doctors use different techniques to get a clear view of the area they need to see in most cases.

Myth 4 – Braces Are Painful

This myth might be the result of those days when braces used to cause discomfort. Nowadays, medical science has improved, and new-gen braces streamlined brackets that are much more comfortable. They might feel discomforting naturally when you first get your braces applied. But it will go away within certain days, and you will forget that you are wearing braces.

Now that you have significant knowledge on braces usage, don’t keep avoiding your orthodontic treatment in Kolkata and the best help possible. For more information, visit our website and contact our dentist today.