We take our teeth for granted, let’s just face it. While we use products to make our skin shinier and our hair smoother, we don’t remember to brush twice a day. Many of us don’t know the meaning of flossing or even notice dark stains forming on our enamel.

And the result- infected, decaying teeth; sore gums; stained enamel. But luckily for you, with the advancement in the field of dentistry, almost every dental problem has a cure.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is God’s answer to decaying and infected teeth. In this procedure, the nerve and the pulp of the infected teeth are taken out and the hollow is disinfected. It is then filled with a thermoplastic filling material called ‘Gutta-percha’. This way, the decaying teeth can be preserved. But, enough of this. In this blog, we will talk about the few myths which surround ‘root canal treatment’ and the facts behind it.

Myth 1

There will be pain

Fact- While this might have been true a decade ago, it is not so anymore. With technological advancement and local anesthesia, you won’t feel a thing. This procedure will reduce the pain.

Myth 2

It requires several visits

Fact- Haven’t you heard of a single-visit RCT? If you are undergoing a single-visit root canal treatment in Kolkata, the whole procedure is completed in one visit and is a matter of few hours. 

Myth 3

Root canal treatment causes illness

Fact- No one knows from where this myth came into being, but it had been debunked decades back. To begin with, there is no scientific explanation for this theory. If anything, this procedure will remove the infected bacteria building up inside the decaying teeth.

Myth 4 

The treated tooth will fall out eventually

Fact- Again, a misconception that was born ages ago. It might have been the case during the inception of this procedure, but with proper technique, this isn’t the case anymore. With proper tooth restoration process, you have nothing to worry about. For the best result, make sure you get it done under the care of the best dentist in Kolkata.

Myth 4 

Tooth extraction is a better option

Why kill something which can be cured? There is no point in extracting the tooth altogether. Why lose a body part? RCT is a much better option, when compared to the traditional techniques.

Myth 5

Pregnant women shouldn’t go for RCT

This is the most ridiculous myth of all time. What does RCT have to do with pregnancy, no one knows. Yes, having an RCT requires you to take an X-ray. But, when you get it done from the best dental clinic in Kolkata, it will be done with great care so that the fetus is not affected.