Oh brushing is such a trivial thing! You just have to grab your 8 months old toothbrush and take a dollop of whatever toothpaste you saw first after waking up.  Just brush your teeth in any direction you feel like and then rinse your mouth with cold water, that’s all!

Can you relate with the above-mentioned technique of brushing? Well, you have doing it totally WRONG! Do you want to know more about the common brushing mistakes you make every day? Read on the blog to know more.

Not changing your toothbrush for so long

What did we say again? You are still brushing with your 8 months old tooth brush just because you got the exact colour of brush you saw on Instagram. The best dental doctor in Kolkata  recommends changing your toothbrush after every 4 months. Even the ADA recommends it too. Twisted, broken and frayed bristles would not help to keep your teeth clean. In fact,  these are signs that you need to change your tooth brush soon.

Not brushing long enough

All the speed demons, listen carefully. Your teeth need to be brushed for at least two minutes, if more, better.  According to the best dental clinic in Kolkata this two minutes brushing needs to be repeated twice a day- After waking up and before bed. Sadly, the most you spend brushing is 45 seconds! The best way out would be setting up a timer while brushing and remember, your teeth need a full two minutes brushing.

Pushing too much pressure while brushing

“The harder you brush, the cleaner will be your teeth” – who told you this? Is it your local dentist? Well, you have to change your dentist even before changing your toothbrush!

Be gentle with your teeth. Hard brushing will only make it worse.  Also avoid a brush that has hard bristles.  Make sure to buy one with soft bristles.

Brushing right after you finished a meal

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a myth! Don’t fall for it. If you feel like brushing your teeth after you ate something, wait at least for an hour.  Drink water, rinse off your mouth or chew sugarless gums while you wait.

Storing your brush the wrong way

The moment you’re done with brushing, you just throw up your brush in the stand anyhow and step out of the washroom without even looking back.  Can you relate to that?

Put an end to this. You need to keep your brush properly. Keep it upright and let it dry well.

All the above-mentioned techniques are given by the expert you found out while searching the best dental doctor near me. Happy brushing folks!