People grow and develop at different speeds and at different rates. Sometimes, if the growth of the jaws is slower, then the teeth will not be able to keep up and this can affect the development of the face. This is when orthodontics becomes very important and the best orthodontist in Kolkata can help.

Many people are unhappy with the shape of their teeth or jaws. This can be a result of genetics or an accident, but the result is the same, a poor bite and a poor smile. Orthodontics deals with the correction of these issues. Let’s discuss the different treatments available for people with alignment problems.

  1. Occlusal Problems

Malocclusions can hamper the alignment of your teeth, jaw, and tongue. It occurs when your jaws have a misalignment due to conditions such as crossbite or reverse bites. This can cause excessive force on the muscles inside the mouth causing speech difficulties. The use of orthodontic treatments can resolve these issues so you have straighter teeth that look and feel perfect!

  1. Crowding And Spacing

Many people have teeth spacing issues or teeth that are too close together – both of which can give you a complex. Fortunately, different orthodontic procedures can help you. There are even cosmetic procedures if you don’t like the way your teeth look.

Teeth with gaps or overlapping issues need braces and sometimes it’s as simple as a retainer. Also, if the upper and lower jaw is very different in size, called dental-mandibular discrepancy, orthodontic treatment in Kolkata involved removing your teeth or reshaping them.

  1. Tooth Grinding

Bruxism, also knows as teeth grinding. It’s a condition in which you grind or clench your teeth. Sometimes people may experience pain, spasms in the jaw muscles, or hear clicking noises. Bruxism and tooth grinding could happen because of abnormal jaw alignment, stressful situations, anxiety, or moments where you need to concentrate on something.

Since bruxism can is a result of underlying psychological reasons like stress, a therapist can help reduce stress. However, if you need to correct your teeth alignment effectively, an expert dentist would be the best help you need!

  1. Facial Asymmetry

Facial asymmetry is a common thing affecting approximately one in five people. It can arise due to a difference in the size or the functional attitude of soft tissues, muscles, and bones. While evaluating the aesthetic effects of incomplete facial development, it’s important to focus on the alignment of teeth too. Consult the best dental doctor in Kolkata or wherever you live and get the best advice on available treatment options.