Can we overlook the importance of our dental care? After all, it helps us to avoid diseases and enhance our well-being. If we don’t take enough care of our oral health, we can develop dental problems, gum problems and in the end, we can get diseases too. In this blog, you will get some advice from the best dental doctor in Kolkata about when to worry.

When Your Child Has An Unexplainable Loose Tooth

We all know that a loose tooth is a normal part of a child’s first steps into the world of dentistry. Even if a baby’s first tooth appears around the age of six months, some children have a first “falling out” of a baby tooth as early as three months. In most cases, the first tooth will have fallen out by the time your baby is a year old.

But when your child has passed the normal tooth-falling age and still has a loose tooth, it means something has caused the tooth to loosen from its socket. Loose teeth can be caused by stress, tooth grinding, chewing on things, or gum disease. If your child’s tooth is sore and painful, you need to visit a dentist.

Your Gums Are Aching And Bleeding

A lot of people think that they don’t need a regular visit to the dentist. Well, they’re wrong. Most of the time, it’s about their hesitation to spend money on this. If you are one of them, you need to visit the dentist at least once or twice a year so that such emergencies don’t happen in the first place.

When your gums are bleeding, you need to visit the expert even more often. If you pay attention, your gums have become very sensitive, and they can even bleed due to some minor problems. Contact your nearest dentist as soon as possible.

Your Teeth Alignment is not right

Not everyone is born with a straight teeth alignment and that’s fine. You need an expert orthodontist’s help to resolve this matter. The best orthodontist in Kolkata or the one near you can do wonders. They are professionals who are trained to diagnose, treat, prevent and rectify jaw and teeth irregularities. For instance, they install removable dental devices like retainers, braces, and bands to change your teeth’ positions. Whether you have a bite problem, crooked teeth, crowded teeth, or jaw misalignment, you know who can help you now.

An emergency dental visit is much more than just a toothache. From a loose tooth to receive a full-scale orthodontic treatment in Kolkata ( or wherever you live) you can have so many benefits by making an appointment with an expert now!